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“The frequent question I would find myself asking was why?

Why is the change taking so long? How come addiction just seemed to wield a power and jump up and demand my attention whenever it felt like it?

The Lord spoke to my heart – You have to let me in!

The years of being unable to trust people had taken deep root and my heart was suspicious as well as hard! Also knowing that guilt was prevailing within.

The amazing truth hit me one day as I was struggling to overcome temptation that there is a reason I was created and that He had work for me to carry out despite the way things looked in the days of hurt and pain and all that was experienced then. Do not be afraid and go forth, man does not always understand My ways but come sit with me. Be still and know I am God”.


“I have struggled with authority during my limited time on earth. In fact, I never acknowledged it until my early 30’s! Truth is I still weigh up whatever man speaks or advises and then check it with the Boss. I realised that in many areas of my life and walk with The Lord, that I was ‘sat on the fence’. I hit that Cul-de-Sac where I realised You are my Saviour and who am I to not give everything to that which You are asking me to do? Take my life and mould it so that it aligns with your plan for me. When the trials come help me also to stand in you”.


“Love was very taboo for me growing up. I could not grasp the true meaning of love. I knew I had feelings for my wife, children and family, however love?

Was I capable of love? I have acted horrendously during my years of heroin addiction, completely using people and hurting them just to get what I wanted. Reading a study note during my time in Teen Challenge I discovered God is love.

So if I am in God and God is within me, I can and do love. This continues to be an ongoing education but I am so grateful to Him for teaching me how to love unconditionally”.


“Ever been dismayed and discouraged by behaviours of others? While the most important aspect is to keep our eye on our own walk with Jesus the adverse effect that can ooze from those around you, if we’re honest, can and does take effect.

The spirit of God should be found and seen in US His people. Wailing groans and woes of the present day will always be in the atmosphere. The key, especially to those recovering from illness and/or addiction, is to keep a positive frame of mind and outlook. The Truth is to be almost rehearsed in a way, each day, and this will provide strength and focus so that when the head meets the pillow at night no one has been hurt and neither have you hurt yourself! – Victory”


Racing brain syndrome! That cocktail of thought patterns and basing things on our feelings can cripple us daily if we allow it.

I had ploughed so much effort into helping a dear friend, that I loved, to stop drinking. After multiple years of being off alcohol, a bad experience rocked him off the path of freedom. This was painful to witness as this person was one of a few at the time that I really cared about …. would go the extra mile for. Words and actions from me, mere man, wasn’t cutting the mustard. The Lord did intervene and now this friend is walking in freedom once again and is stronger than I have ever known.

I was to close my eyes, resume my breathing as I was angry! Not only with some of the words from my friend but with the enemy of his soul. Take my hand off the situation, which I found incredibly difficult, and allow Jesus to work His plan in His time”.


“This is a special one for me as it was co-written with my daughter Lauryn.

The song represents freedom, not just for me, but for the entire family within my household -freedom from the despair and dark consequences of having had the spirit of addiction within the family home.

Restoration is a majestic gift from above. I can dance I am free – I can sing I am free

My chains are on the ground. As a family we are no longer bound by this pain”.


“Here is an honest admission. There were days when I personally knew I was about to bolt out the door and hit the drugs once again. This particular morning, I was sat on my sofa contemplating my move. I needed money and transport and the consequence I would face afterwards as I never really feared it until it was too late.

Something deep within me cried out – Lord I need you now! Looking up I pleaded for the realm of Heaven to pour down on me from a hole in the sky. I didn’t relapse that day and proceeded to write down the experience in song format creating Heaven’s Sky.

Sometimes we have to fight! The Bible tells us to fight the good fight and this is how I see this situation. The darkness was attempting to envelop me but I cried out and the Heavenly realm poured in and helped me to defeat the enemies’ tactics”.



“This again was co-written with my daughter Lauryn. After being advised really by three or four people to write something for this album that would represent the life I used to live and have left behind, we came up with Best Card’s Down. It is to represent the old stinking thinking in a way. The words that hurt, looking at others and following the crowd.

Its intention is to try and unzip the former and throw the overcoat away. Lyrically we have attempted to use two way meanings within most of the lines such as, whispering loud and the deafening silence making it hard to hear. Lyrics that represent how things just didn’t make sense then. Confusion is of the enemy and has no place in our freedom in Him”.


“Simply put this is a declaration for Jesus to reign in His glory and victory. An acknowledgement that it is NOT about me at all, it is all about Him.

Reign in my life and reign in my family and all that I do”.


“A plea and a question – when the broken walk through the doors of our Churches we need to be equipped to receive them and we should well be!

The Lord has done wonders in the lives of people you already know. You may not know about their pasts and what that looks like but you love and accept them. This must also be the case for the ones that may stroll in on ANY given day seeking help. There is no rank when it comes to sin, it is just, that sin. It takes different formats and some is more obvious on the eye. Acceptance is also visible to the sinner as this is what he/she craves”.